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We’re Saying “Yes, Please” to These Spring Dresses Under $100


Disclosure: The spring dresses below contain affiliate links, which means we’ll receive a commission if you click on a link. We hope you like our picks – click the titles to shop!

Remember sundresses? Yeah, we miss them. We dream about them. We want to wear them again. So we did a little window shopping and handpicked our favorite spring dresses under $100 that we can’t wait to wear once it’s warm again. Hurry up, spring, we miss you!

Aqua Eyelet Smocked Midi Dress, $98

We have to start with a classic white sundress. If you don’t wear a white sundress in the spring did the season even happen?

Billabong Dreamer Floral Dress, $89.95

Florals for spring may not be groundbreaking but we don’t really care because floral print will always be perfect for spring.

Y.A.S Midi Dress in Bright Floral Print, $100 $76.50

So bright, so pretty, so chic. You gotta love a bold dress.

Billabong Cosmos Printed Maxi Dress, $99.95

Did we just find our new go-to dress for spring and summer? All signs point to yes.

Gotta Look the Party Maxi Dress, $99 $49.99

The tie-dye! The colors! The buttons! We have hearts in our eyes for sure.

Y.A.S Satin Midi Dress with Adjustable Hidden Zips in Pink, $100

We have one word for you: pink. Is this dress a show stopper or what?

Aqua Floral Print Midi Dress, $98

What a classic beauty! The ruffled split neck is what really sold us.

Vila Maxi Wrap Dress in Pink Check, $76 $60.80

Ok, move over florals for just a sec because we’re all about this pale pink check print right now.

Glamorous Midi Smock Dress with Peplum Hem in Red Daisy, $67

Hold the phone! We just found the perfect spring dress to do all our errands in.

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