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Summer Hair Accessories to Heat Up Your Looks


Disclosure: These summer hair accessories to heat up your looks below contain affiliate links, which means we may receive a commission if you click on a link. We hope you like our picks!

Now that we’re in the full swing of the summer heat, it’s time to revisit hair accessories and how they can help keep your hair out of your face without compromising style. The best part of most hair accessories is not only their low-maintenance and easy-to-use vibe, but they can take a look from drab to fab with minimal effort. Try heating up your summer looks this summer with these 5 hair accessories!

1. Decorative Bobby Pins

The bobby pin is the backbone of any hairstyle – I don’t make the rules! This fundamental hair accessory has had a *major* glow up this season. The best part is that spicing this accessory up doesn’t take much. Try swapping out a basic black or brown bobby pin for a decorative one like these ones from Jennifer Behr.

Shopbop, Jennifer Behr, Allegra Bobby Pin, $168

2. Scrunchies

While Carrie Bradshaw may be mortified that scrunchies have made a comeback, we couldn’t be happier. This nod to the 90s is a cute and functional accessory that ~newsflash~ is actually much better for your hair!

DSW, Kelly & Katie, Multicolour 4-Pack Scrunchies, $9.99

3. Headbands

Spotted – a Blair Waldorf-approved summer accessory. Headbands are a flirty, fun, and easy way to keep your hair out of your face. Whether you opt for a small and sleek or big and bulky, there are tons of styles to fit everyone this season.

Buckle, BKE, Pleated Headband, $12.95

4. Claw Clips

These classic clips aren’t disappearing anytime soon! While they first re-emerged in 2021 – thanks to the Y2K comeback, they continue to be a fashion staple this summer. Fashion styles are moving into a more minimalistic vibe so no wonder these have remained popular!

ASOS DESIGN, Hair Clip Claw in Sage Green, $10

5. Head Scarves

This trend is giving us all the 70s’ vibes! Head scarves work great for bad hair days, protection against wind or rain, or act as a polished style. Whether you’re grabbing a patterned or solid-colour scarf, these accessories can be worn in seemingly endless ways this summer.

ASOS, Missguided Set Head Scarf in Animalistic Print, $16 $11.50

Don’t forget about protecting your skin this summer – shop our summer beauty essentials for some refreshing options this season!

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