AI is an easy-to-join affiliate network that allows you to turn your social shares into money by promoting the brands you love. That’s right! You can earn $$$ just by sharing your favorite clothes, shoes, home goods, tech products and more across your favorite social platforms. Want to show off your new shoes on Instagram? How about that new top you just bought on sale from your favorite store? Share them across multiple social platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram using the Added Influence app. If someone clicks on your share, you get paid. Simple as that.

There are three easy steps to getting started making money with the Added Influence app:

Step 1: Open the Added Influence app, snap a photo of the item you want to share and find it in the AI database full of thousands of popular brands and stores. (If you’re camera shy or don’t own the item, just use the merchant’s supplied photo.)

Step 2: Add an optional caption and share.

Step 3: Make money when people click on your share!

Run your social shares like your own small business! AI’s innovative yet easy-to-use dashboard allows you to see what products, brands and retailers you make money on and which ones you don’t. This info gives you valuable insight into what your followers like, allowing you to make decisions on what to share next to make the most money.

Unlike some other influencer networks where you have to have thousands (or more!) followers to be accepted, we live by a “the more, the merrier” policy. You can join Added Influence whether you have 1 follower or 1 million. Just download the app for your iOS® or AndroidTM and follow the directions to easily set up your account in minutes.

Payments are sent twice a month to your secure PayPal account, as long as you’ve earned at least $25 in that pay period. If your earnings are less than $25 in a pay period, they will roll over into the next pay period, and so on, until you reach the $25 payment threshold. You can easily and safely transfer the money from your PayPal to your bank account or send money to friends and family, make online payments and shop online. If you don’t already have a PayPal account, it’s easy to sign up and free. Please note all payments will be issued in USD.

Added Influence works with all your favorite social platforms including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and even Tumblr. You can also easily send links via text and email.

Probably most, if not all, of your favorites. Added Influence has thousands of brands and stores in its database, so you can easily search and find the products you want to promote.

You make money when people tap or click on the links you share, but your Influence Score and star rating grow when people tap or click on the links you share, then actually buy the item. The amount of clicks you can get paid for in one day grows when your Influence Score and star rating grow.

Basically, the more people who visit your links and buy the item you’re promoting, the higher your Influence Score and star rating. The higher your Influence Score and star rating, the more clicks you can get paid for in one day.

Influence Scores and star ratings are updated daily and the max number of clicks you can get paid for in one day is reviewed and updated weekly based on the previous week’s performance of clicks and sales. Check out the handy chart below for more details.

Star Rating Score Max # of Clicks You Can Get Paid for in One Day
0 0 0 – you have never made a sale.
1 1-5 100
2 6-24 500
3 25-49 1000
4 50-75 1500
5 76-100 Unlimited – share your heart out!

This number varies and depends on the retailer, the product, your Influence Score and star rating. However, the more you use the app, the more you will learn what retailers make you the most money.

The more people who tap or click on the links you share and buy, the more money you will make. By keeping an engaged number of followers on your social accounts, they’ll more likely be inclined to be interested in what you share.

Visit the Shares & Stats screen by swiping left from your Dashboard or by tapping the graph icon in the top right of your Dashboard. Here you can select a share to view detailed stats like how much $$ you’ve earned on it, how many people clicked or tapped on the product link and how many people bought the item. You can also view your total revenue, clicks and sales by day, brand and retailer. Tap on a specific brand or retailer to view its specific revenue, clicks and sales. If you want to share a product again, just tap the chain icon to copy the link.

Tap the profile icon on your dashboard. Easy peasy!

Swipe right from your Dashboard or tap the camera icon in the top left.

Visit the App Store® to download the Added Influence App for free for your iOS device, or click here.

Visit the Google PlayTM Store to download the Added Influence App for free for your Android device, or click here.